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Mutual Funds: Ideal for short term or long term?

There’s a general misconception that Mutual Funds get you nothing in short term and are only for investors who want to grow their money over a long period of time. Actually, Mutual Funds are beneficial for everyone regardless of the time duration.

So what period of time should people investing in Mutual Funds consider? Short term or long term? Well, that depends on the following:

  • Your Saving Goals
  • The Amount of money you want to save
  • How often you’d contribute to your account

What Are You Saving For ?

Just like everyone’s saving goals changes at each stage of life, so should your choice of a mutual fund. This is because each fund type is unique and meets a certain set of needs when it comes to giving growth to your savings…

Short Term

If you want something short term like saving up for a trip or buying a new phone, you should get started with a Money Market Fund with regular contributions to ensure a stable growth.

Medium Term

If you’re looking at medium-term needs like buying a car or a new house, you should invest in a hybrid fund with an active asset allocation strategy.

Long Term

If you want to make sure your future is secure and you have a comfortable retirement you can’t go wrong with an equity fund with over a 15-20 year time horizon.

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