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Alhamra Islamic Stock Fund (ALHISF)

Investment Objective

The objective of the fund is to provide investors long term capital appreciation from its investment in Shariah Compliant Equity Securities.

Fund Profile

Alhamra Islamic Stock Fund (ALHISF) is an open end shariah complaint Equity Fund which primarily invests in shariah compliant stocks according to screening criteria provided by the Shariah Advisory Council. The Fund takes advantage of equity market volatility and buys equities when they are underpriced and sells equities when they are overpriced. DCF (discounted cash flow) valuations are pivotal for stocks selection in the portfolio. The fund is mostly invested in liquid stocks.

5 years performance

Year Fund (%) Benchmark (%)
2018 -12.00 -9.59
2017 29.97 18.80
2016 3.90 15.53
2015 19.20 16.01
2014 31.38 41.16