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MCB-DCF Income Fund


To deliver superior fixed income returns by investing in an optimal mix of authorized debt instruments while taking into account capital security and liquidity considerations.


MCB-DCFIF is an Open-end Income Scheme which aims to provide attractive returns to investors from their investment along with capital growth.

Who should invest?

Ideal for investors with a medium risk who are looking to earn competitive returns while taking into account capital security (your principal ideally remains safe) and an ease of withdrawing money at any time.


  • Actively managed by experienced fund managers.
  • With a risk averse strategy, your capital remains preserved.
  • We understand you need to build your wealth on your terms! MCB-DCFIF, gives you ease of withdrawing money at any time
  • You can get a tax credit benefit.

Use our tax saving calculator to find out how much you can save!

Quick Facts

Launch Date 1st March 2007
Fund Type An Open End Scheme
Currency PKR
Minimum Investment Growth, Unit 365 Growth & Bachat Units: PKR 500
Income, Unit 365 Income Units: PKR 100,000
Fund Manager Saad Ahmed
Asset Manager Rating AM1 (AM One) by PACRA (06-Oct-2020)
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange
Trustee Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
Auditor A.F.Ferguson & Co., Chartered Accountants
Benchmark Six (6) months KIBOR rates

Latest Expense ratio of the Fund is updated in the FMR (Fund Manager’s Report).

5 years performance

Year Fund (%) Benchmark (%)
2020 11.69 13.04
2019 7.80 10.75
2018 4.62 6.22
2017 6.50 6.09
2016 6.23 7.01

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Disclaimer: All investments in mutual fund are subject to market risks. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of the future results. Please read the Offering Document to understand the investment policies and the risks involved. Performance data does not include the cost incurred directly by an investor in the form of sales loads etc. The information in this literature is issued for indicative and informational purposes only and investors are advised to make their own appraisal of the investment opportunity, tax implications and consult their own financial, legal, taxation and/or other professional advisors prior to making any investment in mutual fund. The mutual fund may hold certain non-compliant investments. Before making any investment decision, investors should review the latest monthly Fund Manager Report and the Financial Statements of the mutual fund particularly the details of non-compliant investments, provision against SWWF liability and Risk Factors.