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With the new air in Pakistan, all Pakistanis are positive about a New Pakistan, New Hope and New Dreams. We at MCB Arif Habib believe we can only change the future of our beloved nation if we own this change ourselves. We need to take smart decisions to ensure a stronger economy and a brighter future for our next generations. For the same, small efforts from our fellow Pakistanis living and working aboard is what we need in this challenging time. Here’s what we’re proposing:

Step 1: Establish a habit of Savings every month, no matter how small the amount is.
Step 2: Remit the money back into Pakistan in the form of Mutual Fund investments
Step 3: You will be assigned a Wealth Manager to guide you with your investment decisions

Congratulations! You have not only injected hope in your Nation’s economy but also ensured a Prosperous Pakistan with just a small contribution.

Still a bit confused on how you can fulfill your dreams AND help Pakistan? Provide your contact details below and let our Wealth Officer guide you better*

Naya Pakistan

We have established a special desk for NRPs (Non-Resident Pakistanis) to help you through the investment process on call or online and help you make better financial decisions!

Who are we?

MCB Arif Habib Savings is one of the oldest and renowned Asset Management Company in Pakistan, a merger of 2 financial giants MCB Bank and Arif Habib Group. Operating since over 15 years, MCB-AH is currently managing wealth for over 70,000 customers and a total of PKR 80 Billion in investment. Being a pioneer of Digital Investment Solutions in Pakistan, MCB-AH is leading the industry with convenient and self investment options making customer journey seamless for locals as well as expats.

Disclaimer: All investments in mutual fund are subject to market risks. Please read the Offering Document to understand the investment policies and the risks involved.