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Pakistan Income Fund


The objective of the fund is to deliver returns primarily from debt and fixed income investments without taking excessive risk.


Pakistan Income Fund (PIF) is an open-end fund which aims to provide income from your investment along with capital growth.

Who should invest in MCB PIF?

If you are looking for a low-risk way which creates passive (monthly) income for your short-term financial goals, look no further! MCB-PIF is a perfect option for you. As MCB-PIF is less volatile compared to stock/equity schemes, therefore, they are best suited for investors who wish to avoid stock market instability.


  • Actively managed by experienced fund managers.
  • Enjoy monthly income along with immediate returns on your investment.
  • You don’t need to start big, you can invest small rise later. Invest for as low as Rs 500.
  • We understand you need to build your wealth on your terms! MBC PIF, gives you ease of withdrawing money at any time.
  • Snag a larger tax refund with tax credit benefit.

Use our tax saving calculator to find out how much you can save!