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When it comes to your children’s future, you want nothing but the very best. But for most parents, responsibilities like saving up for their higher education and marriage result in unwarranted stress.

With the increasing cost expenses in Pakistan, it’s important that you start to save for your child’s future from an early age so you can meet those future expenses in time and with ease.

Here’s how much you’ll need to save over time

5 years planning** 10 years planning** 15 years planning**
Monthly Contribution* (PKR) Total Investment (PKR) Value after 5 years with 15%*** return Total Investment (PKR) Value after 10 years with 15%*** return Total Investment (PKR) Value after 15 years with 15%*** return
1,000 60,000 89,682 120,000 278,657 180,000 676,863
5,000 300,000 448,408 600,000 1,393,286 900,000 3,384,315
10,000 600,000 896,817 1,200,000 2,786,573 1,800,000 6,768,631
25,000 1,500,000 2,242,042 3,000,000 6,966,432 4,500,000 16,921,577

* Assuming all payments and no withdrawals
** Monthly contributions made for specified period
*** Illustration based on 15% annual return; figures are for indicative and informational purposes only and do not constitute a guarantee

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