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MCB Pakistan Frequent Payout Fund

WHAT IS MCB Pakistan Frequent Payout Fund?

MCB Pakistan Frequent Payout Fund is an asset allocation plan which aims to provide investors with regular monthly payments.

Investment Objective

The objective of the Fund is to provide investors regular monthly payments by investing Fund’s assets in Dept and Equity Instruments.

Who should invest?

Investors who seek to earn regular cash with higher priority in liquidation are encouraged to invest in MCB-PFPF.


  • Actively managed by experienced fund managers.
  • A team of CFA qualified experts managing funds and investment decisions
  • Snag a larger tax refund with tax credit benefit. Use our tax saving calculator to find out how much you can save

Quick Facts

Launch Date 16th November 2015
Fund Type An Open End Scheme
Currency PKR
Minimum Investment 500 /-
Fund Manager Awais Abdul Sattar, CFA
Asset Manager Rating AM2++ (AM Two Double Plus) by PACRA (08-Jun-16)
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange
Trustee MCB Financial Services Limited
Auditor A.F. Ferguson & Co. Chartered Accountants
Benchmark KSE 100 Index and Six (6) months KIBOR rates on the basis of actual proportion held by the Scheme (with effect from October 17, 2016)

Latest Expense ratio of the Fund is updated in the FMR (Fund Manager’s Report).

5 years performance

Year Fund (%) Benchmark (%)
2019 7.48 10.42
2018 4.5 4.88
2017 5.54 5.88
2016 3.54 4.36