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For the 1st time in Pakistan now you can become a Mutual Funds investor Online! iSave is a Digital Savings Platform that allows you to open your Mutual Funds account online without the hassle of paperwork

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I am a technopreneur and trust me I loved the entire process of signing up. It was super simple and easy. We define it in the term of UI/UX in our industry. I mean a few years back, who would have imagined that you can invest on mutual funds right through your phone and that too within just few minutes. Their app will change the way we have been saving and investing money so far.

Hira Saeed

I love that iSave is very easy to use overall. Makes it easy for me to save small amounts from my pocket money regularly.

Ayesha Rashid

iSave is the onlining of the entire Mutual Fund purchase, manage, encash etc cycle. A perfect combination to existing online banking.

Tariq Mustafa

Thought of investing my hard earned money always made me nervous. Had a conversation with a friend who works at MCB Arif Habib and she convinced me to just sign up. Been getting nonstop follow up calls from their end making sure I am updated and comfortable with the whole process and procedure. I ask a million questions and they always respond very patiently. Really happy with the service and excited about my investment!

Fauzia Zafar

iSave is literally saving my bank balance. I transfer 50% of my salary each month so I don't spend it, and it's the best decision I've made so far. Surprising how much you save when you give yourself a budget.

Anushae Tariq