52 Week Umrah Challenge

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52 Week Umrah Challenge

What is the 52-Week Umrah Challenge?

Do you dream to go for Umrah but struggle to save money? No need to worry about it anymore as with our 52 week saving challenge, you can easily achieve your Umrah dream in 52 weeks. Wondering how it works?

The idea is to invest small amounts every week over a period of 52 weeks and gradually build up the total amount of money you require to perform Umrah. Not only it is consistent, but it also takes away the pressure of taking big chunks of income each month which, let’s face it, never feels great. Moreover, you can benefit from the power of compounding as it will increase your money exponentially. The additional returns you earn can further help you get your hands on other Umrah essentials. Meanwhile, you just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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Getting Started is Simple

You start by saving Rs 500 in week 1. The next week it is Rs 600, the third week it is Rs 700 and so on. The idea is that by week 52, the amount will reach up to Rs 150,000 plus additional returns, making it possible to finance your Umrah dream.

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