Tele Bachat Services

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Transactions & Services via Phone through MCB-AH Tele Bachat Services

At Your Services 24 hours a day 7 days a week – just dial 0800-62224 (0800-MCBAH)

MCB-AH Savings introduces state of the art self-service interactive voice response system (IVR) called the Tele Bachat Services.

Now Bachat transactions are just a phone call away.

Services Offered

Through Tele Bachat services, existing investors can perform following transactions and services over the phone without the help of any MCB-AH representative:

  • Redemption and conversion transactions using 4 digit TPIN;
    • Redeem or convert their entire amount available in the Fund at the day end. NAV of the day on which transaction is requested will be applicable.
    • Redeem or convert partial amount from their total investment.
  • Conversion from one Mutual Fund to another Mutual Fund (partial or full)
  • Get Instant confirmation of transaction(s) through SMS and email
  • Get their balance amount Funds’ wise and/or Total Balance in any of your investment account
  • Get latest Funds’ balances (Fund wise or total) using 4 digit TPIN
  • Get latest Funds’ units prices (NAVs)

Through Tele Bachat services all callers can avail the following services;

  • Get Unit Prices of the Funds
  • Information about the Funds under management of the Company
  • Subscription for NAV on SMS/Email
  • Subscription for Fund Managers Report on Email
  • Appointment request with Bachat Advisor

Tele Bachat services use voice recording to present information and user friendly options to guide callers.  If callers have difficulty in following the voice recording, Tele Bachat services have the option to switch them to a live customer support representative (during business days/hours only).

Benefits Of Tele Bachat Service
  • Easy and reliable way to redeem & convert with instant confirmation of transaction through SMS and email
  • Easy inquiry of latest NAV and your balances in Funds
  • Easy  subscription to NAV SMS/Email and FMR Email service
  • Quick way for setting up appointment with our Bachat Advisor
  • No hassle of filling and dispatching transaction forms;
  • Free of Cost (at present)
  • Security through self generated T-PIN
How Tele Bachat Works

Pick up your telephone and dial 0800-62224 (0800-MCBAH). You will be greeted by our voice recording that will guide you to your choice of service.

For existing investors who wish to do redemption or conversion, registration is essential. Kindly follow the instructions below carefully to register yourself;

  1. Fill out the Bachat Sahuliyat Registration Form H-1 and send to MCBAH Head Office through TCS post paid envelop (can be requested from us), by courier or normal post;
  2. Please call us during business hours on our toll free number 0800-62224 for registration.
  3. Our call Center Agent after due verification shall guide you for TPIN issuance;
  4. After TPIN generation you are ready to avail the relevant facilities.